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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lady Floral

I also love patterns ... One that I do love the most would be Florals they are such a lady-like pattern.. Another skirt I love would be the maxi skirt and because the are pleated they make your body look more elongated. Colour combination would be light aqua and a more pale old rose tone,one of my favourite contrasts. Mix it up with dainty accessories and even tough looking ones.

 Floral blouse from @addictedy2clothes from  IG
Maxi Skirt from Zara
Flats from @pillfootwear IG
Chain necklace from @glamgoddess13 IG

Braided bracelet from @golden_alms IG
Light green beaded bracelet from @j9bydesign IG
My MK watch from @shoppinsacs IG

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