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Friday, June 7, 2013

Bright Neons

Bright Neons, just a perfect phrase to sum up my outfit for today. Feeling colorful sometimes. I know that my wardrobe mostly consists of neutrals and black and white. I make sure though I have these fun colors for days when I feel like wearing them and have fun with my outfit ! Sure looks boring to always wear those neutrals sometimes right? So wearing this funky outfit thats fun as well.

This is my way to Rock these neons, still feeling and looking young. This Aztec muscle tee looks really funky and I love how breezy I feel when wearing this type of shirt. Paired it with my pink pants and these really nice neon orange sandals it gives a sexy vibe!

Look at my earrings they are Aztec as well. Really had to pick it up quickly the first time I saw it, also this lion necklace is one of my favorites most especially the brass antique finish it gives. Makes it look like its been with me for ages :)

 Love the way these sandals hug my foot haha is there such a thing ? but yeah it makes my feet feel and look slim haha and also the it matches my outfit feel thats quite important :)

Another thing that completed my Bright neon peg would be this Nicki Minaj Lippie! The shade is a soft neon pink that is not too loud ! Pretty Cute is what I think it is !

I always tell myself that I need to play with colors sometimes, it does not have to be too loud it can be a statement alone, so for me I would not layer it with too much accessories as it will look too heavy. I hope you guys like todays OOTD! 

Shirt: IG @k_collection
Pants: Zara
Sandals: IG @chillimargaritashoes
Lipstick: IG @beautybasicsph
Earrings: Hnm
Necklace: Hnm

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