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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vanna's 3 way approach (H&M striped basic top)

Having problems on how to wear your clothes again and again ? That's why I have created Vanna's 3 way approach for my blog ! Hope my ways of wearing it will give you an idea on how to use your pieces of clothing again and again !

For today feature the H&M Striped basic shirt worn 3 different ways

The looks

My simple and laid back look

1. H&M Striped shirt
2. Mango shorts
3. Converse sneakers
4. Banana Republic scarf
5. Rayban Aviator sunglasses

My casual look 

1. H&M striped shirt
2. H&M Khaki cropped pants
3. Renegade Folk wedges
4. YSL Muse bag 
5. H&M rope necklace
6. Celine Deep Square Sunglasses

 My chic look

1. H&M striped shirt
2. Zara Black shorts
3. H&M blazer
4. Aldo platform shoes
5. H&M necklace
6. Tory Burch leather wrap
7. YSL Bowler bag 
8. Super Lucia francis in black sunglasses

Hope this helped you out ! practicality is everything! Will be posting more if these fashion solutions here in my blog ! Can't wait for my blogs new look and new site real soon !!!! For now please do keep reading here !


  1. That's why its very important to invest on classic and basic pieces like that stripes shirt. I like all the styles especially the second one. :) And I adore you two YSL handbags.

    xx Diana

  2. Hi! Can you post 5 ways to wear white lace dress. :-) I sooo love ur style! thanks