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I am a mother of two, which happens to love Beauty and Fashion, I am pursuing a career in design and I am just trying to blog. :) I may write about anything under the sun so that my readers will get to know me in what I say is "At a Glance". I will share my travels with you, my fashion sense and even my children's outfit of the day! I am a health buff but I do love food ! Will share that with you too as well ! Anything that I would like to share I will write here!. Just hope that in my small little way I get to help you with your everyday choices with fashion or interior spaces or that I may entertain you as well !

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Pastels Galore

This is a very late entry for my blog.... I know but I just want to share  my  Mother's day outfit with you guys. Being a mother I know we do so many things. We all juggle work with family but that does not mean that we can let go of our sense of fashion ! So I just have to share what I chose to wear that day.

Loving the play of colors, can't go wrong with a neutral top and printed shorts with colors that are very subtle and delicate looking prints as well.

My accessories are very simple going with gold on this outfit and adding this rock-like ring to add a little toughness to the look.

Oh and these shoes are oh so special I got them from our trip from Florence and I super love them they are high but really comfy plus of course I super super like the style !

There goes my OOTD for mother's day! Go mom's out there ! Look ever so fab!

Top: Hnm
Shorts: Hnm
Ring: Hnm
Bangles: Ig name (@glamgoddess13)
Necklace: Ig name (@glamgoddess13)
Watch: MK from Ig name (@shoppinsacs)
Shoes: A store in Florence, Italy


  1. I like your top. Where can i get?

  2. welcome to blogging Vanna! I love ur style! Hope you post more soon! :)

  3. Hi vanna!! I really like ur style.. :) i love the shoes!! :)) so cuteee .. i followed u.. hope u could follow back


  4. hi vanna! you are so beautiful! i love how you do your hair. hope you will have a blog about how
    you do it. thank you!